How to make money online with websites or blogs

How to make money online with websites or blogs

If you already own website or blog and know some HTML already. It’s time for you to monetize your website or blogs. Then, you can be a publisher where you can post ads for companies. You don’t need to find people so you can advertise for them. But, there are already lots of websites where you can sign up for a publisher account and therefore show advertisements on your website. The websites I will mention are quite reputable and genuine and actually pay.

List of website publisher affiliate sites

The list of website publisher affiliate sites here will be updated from time to time. Signing up for these affiliate programs is free of cost.

1. Google Adsense affiliate program

Google is one of the top affiliate programs for publishers. It might be a little bit difficult to get accepted in Google AdSense but if have a quality content website or blog, then it is no problem. Also, you can use Google Adsense on your blogger or Blogspot pages. It pays you PPC meaning Pay Per Click.

Sign up for Google Adsense

2. A-Ads publisher affiliate program

A-Ads is the new and first crypto advertising network in the market where you earn digital currency like BitCoin. The same rules apply, you add the advertisement code or iframe code to your website or blogs. A-Ads is also a PPC program. Also, it pays you for good views so it does not always have to be a user clicking your ads.

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3. Adaround publisher affiliate program

Adaround is a crypto ad network. It is good to start with this ad network if you have a small website with decent number of traffic. But, there is no traffic requirement on this website. Adaround is also a PPC program where you get paid per click. It also pays you with a cryptocurrency called Adshares (ADS) which you can convert to BitCoin in Graviex which is a cryptocurrency exchange site.

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4. Adsterra publisher affiliate program

Adsterra is a high-paying PPC affiliate program for publishers. If you have a website with a good number of views, then you can use Adsterra to monetize your site. It is one of the best publisher programs to use on your blogs or website. Adsterra pays you through Paypal, Tether, Webmoney, Wiretransfer, and so on.

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