Really Free Web Hosting Services That Work

What is Webhosting?

Webhosting is hosting your websites or blogs through a server. If you own a domain, you will need a web hosting account to host it. So, your domain will be visible. Here, we will discuss about Webhosting that you can use to host your website for free.

What are the types of Webhosting?

There are different types of hosting. But, there are 2 panels that are used mostly for now. One is the DirectAdmin Webhosting panel and the other is cPanel web hosting. cPanel is one of the oldest web hosting panels that has been used for years now. DirectAdmin has recently got popularity as it is cheaper and the service is equivalent to cPanel web hosting.

What is SSL in Webhosting and why do you need it?

SSL means Secure Socket Layer which makes a host secure. You probably need an SSL to make your website secure so your users can trust your website or domain.

Does Free Hosting sites give you free SSL?

Most Free hosting provider sites also give you free SSL but some don’t and you need to purchase it or install it manually. Free Hosting providers usually provide you a Letsencrypt certificate or ZeroSSL certificate that can be auto renewed.

List of Free Hosting Providers that really provide free web hosting accounts.

AwardSpace is one the best free web hosting provider. You get a disk space of 1 GB and bandwidth (traffic) of 5 GB. They have a Zacky installer from which you can install scripts like WordPress. You can host 1 website in this web hosting account. They also provide you with free SSL. The storage is really nice in this web hosting.

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Googie Host is also one of the oldest free web hosting providers that you can use for free. You will get 1000 MB Diskspace and a bandwidth of 10240000 MB which will be good enough for a simple website. You get to host only 1 website in this free hosting account. You will get a free SSL of Letsencrypt. They have softaculuos to install popular scripts like WordPress, Gallery, and so on.

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FreeHosting is also a long-time free web hosting provider that provides a free cPanel hosting account. You will get 10000MB of disk storage and unlimited bandwidth. Unfortunately, they don’t provide SSL and you have to purchase it as an add-on. You can host multiple websites in this free web hosting account. They also have softaculous.

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FreeHostia does provide a free web hosting account that lasts for 1 year. After that, you have to renew the web hosting account. You will get 250 MB of disk storage and 6 GB of traffic. You can host up to 5 domains and 15 subdomains.

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