How to Earn Bitcoin by browsing internet on a browser

Are you looking at how to earn free Bitcoin by browsing the internet on a browser?

Here are a few ways to earn Bitcoin with a browser:

  • Browser Extension Mining: Some browser extensions, such as CryptoTab START, allow users to mine Bitcoin while browsing the web by utilizing their computer’s processing power. The extension runs in the background, and users can earn small amounts of Bitcoin in exchange for the processing power of their computer.
  • Bitcoin Rewards Extension: Some browser extensions, such as Bitcoin Rewards, enable users to earn Bitcoin when they shop online at partner retailers. Users can get a percentage of their purchases back in Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin affiliate programs: Some businesses and websites provide Bitcoin affiliate programs through which you can earn Bitcoin by referring customers to their services. You can earn a Bitcoin commission by promoting their products or services through your referral link.
  • Bitcoin paid-to-click (PTC) websites: These sites pay users in Bitcoin for viewing advertisements and visiting websites. BTC Clicks, Bitcoin4U, and Btcclicks are some popular Bitcoin PTC websites.

As always, be cautious when browsing the internet and be aware that there are numerous scams or fraudulent websites claiming to offer free or easy ways to earn Bitcoin. As a result, it is critical to conduct research and only use reputable and trustworthy sources.

Here, we discuss the browser CryptoTab.

What is CryptoTab Browser?

CryptoTab is a browser that allows users to mine Bitcoin while browsing the web by utilizing their computer’s processing power. The CryptoTab browser can be installed on Windows and runs in the background, allowing users to mine Bitcoin while using the browser itself for other purposes.

The CryptoTab browser also includes a referral program, in which users can earn extra Bitcoin by inviting their friends to install the browser and setting up their own mining network. The browser also includes an integrated wallet where users can store their mined Bitcoin and track their earnings.

If you want to download CryptoTab Browser and install this software or application, here are the various download link depending on the device.

  1. On your Windows PC (Desktop or Laptop). Click here to Download
  2. On your Android mobile phone. Click/Press here to Download.
  3. On your iOS device (iPhone / iPad / iMac). Click/Press here to Download

What is the minimum payout in CryptoTab browser?

After you reach around the minimum payout, you can withdraw your earnings in your Coinbase wallet;

Bitcoin (BTC): The minimum payout threshold for Bitcoin was typically set at 0.00001 BTC. This means you needed to accumulate at least this amount in your CryptoTab Browser account before you could request a withdrawal in Bitcoin.

You can easily sign up for free in Coinbase Wallet with this link:

Payment Proof of CryptoTab which we have tested:


It’s also worth noting that earning Bitcoin through a browser is unlikely to result in significant amounts of Bitcoin, and it can have an impact on your computer’s performance and energy consumption. It is recommended that you use powerful devices and monitor the performance of your computer while using these methods.