How to Earn Bitcoin by browsing internet on a browser


Are you looking at how to earn free Bitcoin by browsing the internet on a browser? Then, here is the name and the way how to do it!

CryptoTab is a web browser that earns BitCoin for you in the background when you use the browser for surfing the internet, playing videos, and also just by leaving the browser idle.

It is a simple method to earn BitCoin on the backend doing nothing. Just download and install this software or application.

  1. On your Windows PC (Desktop or Laptop). Click here to Download
  2. On your Android mobile phone. Click/Press here to Download.
  3. On your iOS device (iPhone / iPad / iMac). Click/Press here to Download

Then, you can withdraw your earnings in Coinbase wallet;

Sign up for free:

Payment Proof:

Happy Bitcoin Earning!

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